Are Eco-Districts the Missing Link?

I recently attended the Eco-Districts Practitioner – Accelerating District Scale Sustainability master class put on by the GBCA + PCA as part of Green Cities 2013. This was a cracking day ably facilitated by Adam Beck [GBCA] and Rob Bennett [Portland Sustainability Institute].

I was amazed by the degree of community / grass roots activity that is transforming Portland [and yes, now I really want to visit there!], all based on cool design and local smarts. And the Eco-Districts framework seems to play a vital role in supporting community engagement, stakeholder collaboration and in the enabling of the easier stuff – design.

There was also significant interest from local and State government agencies around Oz, and I left with the feeling that there is something growing out there that is wholly good and positive.

No point trying to summarise the wealth of knowledge and resources around this – check out the Portland Sustainability Institute’s site for all the detail; great resources, great graphics, great language.

And thanks Rob for the day – heroic effort after GC13 and jet lag. You made a difference.


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