Monday Motivation – Good Habits

My son regularly amazes me with his ‘isn’t it obvious?’ approach to recycling. He’s only four and a half and at pre-school, but the simple teachings he receives about recycling materials translate into an untarnished ‘why would you do it any other way… why would you throw this in the bin?’.

My point is, he has been set on the path of a good habit rather than needing to spend time [years for some of us] trying to break an old one. For him it’s easy. And he corrects his sometimes busy-lazy parents with a ‘that’s recycling not rubbish…’, without judgement, without frustration or condescension. He corrects us with a matter-of-factness, with care and with a ‘come on, we can do this together’.

In our professional lives we could learn a lot from our little ones. Most of the people we work with, the people to whom we are trying to ‘sell’ sustainability, have old habits that they’re trying to break. It’s no-one’s fault – it’s just life. We’re all in this together, so we need to have patience and to work without judgement or frustration.


One response to “Monday Motivation – Good Habits

  1. Great reflection Digby, completely agree and sometimes we need to spend some time away from our major passions to realise this. You’ve summarised it brilliantly – and thanks to the little guy for the inspiration!

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