Monday Motivation #02 – Buyerarchy of Needs

One of the first jokes I ever remember is the one where the patient says to the Doctor ‘It hurts when I do this (wiggles finger)’, to which the Doc replies ‘then don’t do it’…  Well it might not have you rolling it the aisles but to my (apparently odd) sense of humour it’s a cracker.

I was reminded of this joke when a friend posted this clever take on Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs on FB. (click on image to go to source)

It’s the nature of our industry to race towards the complex, to add and add and add. This pyramid was drawn with consumer goods in mind, but it’s beautiful in its relevance to how we need to think of sustainable cities, particularly post-GFC.

We now have the design skills and talents to create sustainable communities and cities without treating ‘new stuff’ as the default. You only have to look at the emergence of post-consumer recycled products and the booming ‘collaborative consumption’ culture to appreciate how we’re moving up this pyramid.

Set yourself your own challenge of achieving a sustainable outcome using the brief or budget you were given (green or not), at work and at home… it will save you cash and hone your design and problem solving skills along the way. Let’s make sure we don’t rush past the most obvious things first, otherwise we just end up paying the Doc for something we could have avoided.


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