Meet OSCA – An Industrial Scale Composting Apparatus

I came across this technology when I was doing some carbon abatement work for a Sydney hotel last year. The hotel already had some good processes in place to reduce their waste carbon footprint [not the least of which included Oz Harvest], but we wanted to take it further.

Pushed for space in a typically space-constrained hotel, and challenged by regular contamination of the various recyclable streams, we learnt that the OSCA [On Site Composting Apparatus, by Worms DownUnder] can churn through up to 300kg/day or 2 tonnes/week of organics.

There are a bunch of attributes about OSCA that really appeal;

  1. Space saving – no need for row upon row of worm farms. Only needs roughly 3.5m x 9.5m x 2.5m [approx.] room, for the larger model;
  2. No worms required – I’m a big fan of worms, but they’re more sensitive than OSCA, and for larger facilities you’d need a lot of worms;
  3. No odours, flies or mess;
  4. Runs on the power of one light bulb;
  5. Quick ROI – taking into account the savings on waste removal / landfill costs it can pay off in just a few years;
  6. Huge reduction of  carbon footprint – the process only emits CO2 and hence it’s ‘neutral’ [Methane, the main anaerobic decomposition by-product from organics, is 21 times worse than CO2].
  7. There is always someone who’s prepared to take the final compost product, free of charge.
  8. Invented by Aussies

I’ve taken the liberty of copying the brochure below [apologies for the clarity – I’m an ideas man not a cyber genius]. The OSCA component of the Worms DownUnder web site is currently being rebuilt, so the image is linked to their home page. You can take it from there.


It’s still early days for these guys, and I think they’re flat out already. I’ll watch with excitement as this idea develops and evolves, paticularly when precinct-scale applications start to be explored – local Councils should love this one.

Note: this post is totally unsolicited and is without Worms DownUnder’s knowledge… I’m confident that they won’t mind me sharing their product. I was thinking about worms on the way home [don’t ask] and OSCA flashed to front-of-mind – thought I’d share.


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