Pollinate Energy – Light Up Someone’s Life

Ever wanted to be able to pick the next Microsoft  shares before they take off? Ever wondered how to pick a future winner when it’s still in start-up mode? Well, take a look at these guys and see what you think;

  1. Empowering India’s poor to lift themselves out of energy poverty… there’s an element of ‘Paying it Forward’;
  2. By providing energy for lighting, the local recipients [i.e. micro-investors] can read at night and therefore gain an education, fuelling the cycle;
  3. The energy systems are renewable technology only, so they have perpetual return, assembled locally;
  4. Carbon emissions reductions as a spin-off;
  5. The clean energy leads to health improvements given that kero lamps are no longer needed;
  6. A growing bunch of young Aussies are being mentored to become the next generation of social entrepreneurs.

Pollinate Energy

This is one of those great examples of divergent thinking and creative problem solving. Another piece of proof that you can have your cake and eat it – social progress, community building, carbon reductions, clean-tech growth and jobs creation. It’s just damn clever and admirable.

I won’t bang on about them – their web site is beautifully put together and tells a great story… jump in and imagine how you could help.

There are 3 takeaways hot off the press;

  1. Competition for the Fellow and Professional Programs intakes is hotting up – see the site for the application process;
  2. Crowd-funding via Chip-In is still open – another plank in Pollinate’s innovative structure and funding procurement, with a short list of key funding targets; and
  3. Pollinate’s Gala Launch is on June 1st – it’s black tie, Michael Caton is guest speaker [tell ’em they’re dreaming son], and the event will be packed with inspiration.

It’s early days, but these guys are really going somewhere. Now is the time to get involved, even if in a small way. Be part of something bigger than all of us.


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