Monday Motivation #08 – A Party Trick for a Greener City

If you were to have a race with a friend to see who could empty a bottle of water the fastest, which method would you choose? No tools or implements allowed [there’s a bar trick with a straw but this blog is rated PG].

Try this good ol’ science experiment; with your full bottle, quickly upend it then give it a spin – you’re aiming to spin up the water like a whirlpool. Only takes one or two circles, or even just a flick of the wrist. Once the water in the bottle is spun up, it will rush out about twice as fast as the two other methods you were probably thinking of. Because the water is moving in a natural vortex, air and water can trade places with grace and ease.

Charybdis – water sculpture by William Pye [click image for source]

Where else have you seen this pattern in nature?

In designing sustainable cities we need to find the same tricks. They’re all around us, they’re plentiful, and they’re without limit. We just need to see.


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