Weekend Challenge #08 – Share Your Best Scraps Recipe for a Prize.

Next Wednesday 5th June marks World Environment Day [WED] 2013. The theme for this year is ‘Think.Eat.Save’. The theme revolves around food, but in fact it’s really about reducing our planetary impact and improving the lives of millions of people in the process.

Sustainability is as much about people as it is about planet – we go hand in hand, and the way we treat each other is reflected in how we treat our ecology and the very systems that we depend on. The image-link below will take you to the UNEP WED site for more info… but be warned: it might make you feel uncomfortable. I also hope it will make you feel useful – because we can do something about it.


Our ‘food footprints’ account for 25%-30% of our total impact on the planet. That’s a huge portion of our total footprint – and there are so many things we can do to reduce this. We can save money, we can improve our own health and the wellbeing of those around us. We can help prevent thousands of children from starving every day.

Next week’s posts will be a 5 part series around the WED2013 theme. They will be packed with ideas and tips to take home, links to inspiring sites and great sources of info. Anything we do to improve our food sourcing and reduce our waste will have a compounding benefit for our planet – and will free up valuable resources for others.

Without being a spoiler, the themes will be;

  1. Waste Not Want Not
  2. A Chicken, a Cow, and a Fish walked into a bar…
  3. Where the Heck did This Come From?!
  4. Doctor I’m Having a Chemical Reaction
  5. Let’s Get Naked

[And don’t worry, this blog is always rated G for General Exhibition so don’t be fooled by the titles.]

So this weekend’s challenge [idea credit to the UNEP site], should you choose to accept it, is to write down your best ‘scraps meal’ – the one you prepare when it’s almost shopping day. You have some random bits and pieces left [or even leftovers] and you need to conjure a family meal out of it. You’re allowed to use sauces, spices and flavourings if you need, but the recipe needs to be based on what you have left just before you buy new groceries.

If all you have left is onions, good luck.

The Prize

The best ‘scraps recipe’ shared will receive a digital copy of ‘Blessed Unrest’ by Paul Hawken. I fund this blog out of love and fresh air so don’t expect a hard copy, but Paul’s work is brilliant and is focussed on a positive future. You’ll also get kudos. Points will be given for creativity, resourcefulness, conciseness, and educational value. Humour will receive bonus points. Work must be original.

To share your recipe simply respond to this post. By replying with your recipe you’ve given your consent for me to approve the comment and re-share, which I’ll do with discretion, and you’re acknowledging that your recipe has become open source. Please also state your name (real name or stage name) and country of residence. Don’t be shy – it’s fun and doesn’t hurt a bit.

I’ll seek opinions from at least two of my colleagues and we’ll select a winner by consensus next Friday morning 7th June.

Good luck!


2 responses to “Weekend Challenge #08 – Share Your Best Scraps Recipe for a Prize.

  1. I had to meet the challenge of onions – once my brother in law decided to buy a 5kg (or something ridiculous) bag of onions – because they were on special. So his wife spent weeks cooking onions (really it should have been him). French onion soup and onion relish are the answer. Here is a French onion soup recipe – you really don’t need much beyond onions and stock.

  2. Naturally this platform has decided to automatically turn off the comments window and none of the Help instructions are helpful – I have a swarm of highly trained monkeys working on the issue. In the meantime you can still get through via the ‘About’ page or a previous post, or hopefully even reply to this comment. Good will prevail!

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