Weekend Warrior #13 – The Life of a Coffee Cup

Every minute of every day we send 1 million disposable coffee cups to the world’s landfills. Talk about small actions adding up!

Here are some sobering facts about our disposable coffee cups;

  • paper cups can’t be recycled because they’re lined with plastic, and that plastic takes 50 years to break down in landfill;
  • each coffee drinker disposes of 2.7kg of plastic lids each year;
  • most ‘compostable’ coffee cups can only be composted by commercial facilities, not in your home compost;
  • many plastic lids are made from polystyrene [plastic type 6] which ‘aint so good for us when it’s heated


I got my own keep cup a short while ago after I posted about ‘naked food’. Since then, it’s paid for itself in the discount I get per coffee.

Keep Cups are made from plastic that is actually recyclable, and they last for around 3 years. So in ecological footprint terms and in cost terms, they pay for themselves pretty quickly.

So this weekend’s challenge, should you choose to accept it, is pretty simple: if you buy takeaway coffees, switch to a re-usable cup. Most outlets sell them now, and you’ll often get the first coffee to fill it free of charge. Ask your employer if they would consider purchasing or subsidising branded cups – you can have them made with your own design and logo. Check these guys out to learn more [keepcup.com.au] – this is where I pilfered the stats from;


These small actions are great in that they add up to big results but also remind us each day of our power to create change.


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