Monday Motivation #14 – Resilience Through Real Food

Every now and again I’ve really had my eyes opened whilst researching for this blog, and I walk away with a bit more spring in my step. This is one of those occasions.

In our local paper [Sydney Morning Herald, and yes I bought a hard copy and loved it] last month there was a story about Four In Hand café in Paddington, where local residents swap their home-grown produce for some of the honey from the beehive on the cafe’s roof. ‘Cool’ I thought – local food economy, cashless, goodwill and all that… building local community.

Turns out that this was just the tip of the iceberg, and that this is happening all over Sydney. It sure as heck wasn’t happening 5 years ago, so what’s changed?

Rather than repeat the article from the SMH, I’ll just provide the link – it’s a short but great read. Jump in and get some ideas and inspiration on local food economy, food hubs and gardens, back yard permaculture and more. Click on Michael Mobbs below to get to the article.

The Enriched List. Sustainability advocate Michael Mobbs from GOOD WEEKEND Picture by DAMIEN PLEMING GW100821

The other ‘wow’ moment was when I jumped onto the ‘Grow it Local’ site where they have an interactive map of all the residents who have registered their productive gardens, for food swapping and mutual support. I had a look at this about a year ago and was underwhelmed by the take-up. It’s a totally different story now and fascinating to browse through. [Click the image to get there]


This is just one local example of how we are already building resilient communities, through direct networking and online. This is increasing food security and independence, building social cohesion and connectedness, reducing waste and improving health. The list goes on. It’s all propelled by the communities themselves, and the federal government is even providing funding and grants to push it along.

Great stories and a bit of inspiration.

Do a search for ‘grow it local’ in your own neighbourhood and see what you discover.


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