Weekend Warrior #17 – Is Earthing The Real Thing?

Exhibit A: I read an article this week about the Sun’s magnetic cycle. Every 11 or so years the Sun’s magnetic field re-sets itself and switches directions – and it’s about to switch again. We’ve apparently been observing this for the past few cycles. Sounds like a great start to an awful disaster movie.

Exhibit B: I saw a documentary last week with my kids – it was about newborn sea turtles and their amazing ability to navigate using the Earth’s magnetic field. Same goes for legions of migratory birds, pigeons and so forth.

And here’s where it gets a bit more ‘cosmic’. I’ve been researching a topic around de-paving of cities, and one of the streams that kept popping up was the concept of ‘Earthing’.

In a nutshell: the Earth is charged with negative ions. Theory has it that when our bodies have an overdose of positive ions we can get sick. If we can bring ourselves into direct contact with the Earth, our body’s ionisation will balance itself with the Earth. So for the vast majority of human history we’ve been in direct contact with the Earth, and only recently have we started insulating ourselves against it [shoes, housing, roads etc.]


Earthing is hard work – only the committed need apply

Now I’ll let the curious amongst you continue on and do more research on the topic if you want to. But the science aside, ask yourself how good does it feel to walk barefoot on a sandy beach? Indeed surfers put themselves in one of the richest ionisation zones on Earth – the frothy waves. How nice does it feel to walk barefoot on a trail or the grass, or even just to delve your hands into your garden soil? Ever been curious about the instinctive urge to take your shoes off when you sit down in a park?

So this weekend’s challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to simply take your shoes off and go barefoot for a while on the Earth. Ideally soil or sand. Feel like a kid again. For those in the southern hemisphere, just toughen up and do it – it’s not that cold. In a physical and metaphorical sense there is only upside in us spending more time connecting with the living miracle that supports us.

And if you go so far as to join the Society for Barefoot Living let me know… it might make a good follow-up post ; )


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