Is This The Dithering or The Accelerando?

With every month that goes by I get a stronger sense that we might be at a turning point in human history. It’s a strange feeling – something like optimism coated in fear, or vice versa.

Wherever we look we see evidence of seismic shifts in what we once held as ‘normal’; rapid urbanisation around the globe, carrying with it what might be our salvation or our end; commitment to enormous renewable energy projects, each one larger than the next, and the internet enabling global movements and social connectivity.

And if I’ve learnt one thing since starting this blog, it’s that no matter where you look you will find signs of success, stories of triumph over the odds, tales of people enacting the change they want to see. People are making a difference. Every person does count. Even when you can’t change your immediate environment you are still making ripples. And good ripples have a funny way of coming back.


I’ve been reading a book called ‘2312’ by Kim Stanley Robinson. Within the story we are led through the eras of our [future] history. Sadly, the time we are in right now is referred to as ‘The Dithering’, where even when armed with facts about our impacts on our climate and despite having all the necessary tools at our finger tips to do something, we failed to act in time.

Following the Dithering came the Accelerando [‘with a gradual increase of speed’], where we finally got off our butts and started to act, where the impacts of a changing climate brought us a little closer together in a unified effort. And this era was defined by human determination, commitment, exploration, invention, advancement and ingenuity on a global scale.

So rather than accepting business-as-usual, rather than tolerating mediocrity and timid decision-making, let’s make this era, our era, the Accelerando. The quickening towards a clean and limitless future… it’s right there for the taking.


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