Monday Motivation – Rising Above ‘Akrasia’

How often have you proceeded with something despite the gut feeling that you should be doing otherwise? Let’s put the question into closer context; the latest IPCC report has basically told us that massive climate change is on the way because we have failed to act on the evidence. As a global society we have been armed with relevant facts for many years now, but why have we have failed to act?

‘Akrasia’ translates as ‘lacking command (over oneself)’, or ‘acting against one’s better judgement’.


So let’s look to the future. The gauntlet has been thrown down. The challenge is set. We have all the facts we need in order to acknowledge that accelerated climate change is our doing. And warmer summers will be the least of our worries.

What are we going to do about it from this point onwards? One thing is for sure: we can ill afford to keep going on ignoring our better judgement. If we know path B (a clean and prosperous future) is superior to path A (keep doing what we’ve done), then why not choose it?

This story won’t be ending with a hero riding in on a white steed to save us. It will be an all-in scrapping mucking sweating brawling saga in which we all play a role. There won’t be a half time pep talk and there won’t be oranges.

If you find yourself cornered into doing something that’s part of plan A rather than plan B and you don’t know how to avoid it then reach out for help. There are some amazing people around us who are acting on their better judgement and making the differences we need. Otherwise, it’s time to muck in.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting about some of the heroes out there who are already getting on with things, without subsidies or grants or votes. They’re simply charging down Path B with a great big dirty grin on their faces.


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