Weekend Warrior – Have you got Wind?

This isn’t a story about beer and pizza so if the title mis-led you I do apologise. But read on, because there might be something just as cool at the end…

Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved maps. Countless days spent as a child simply exploring the world through one of those huge atlases… maybe it’s a thing about exercising the imagination or something to do with wanderlust, but either way it’s now even more fun to explore the world through online maps.

For reasons I can no longer recall I found myself getting lost in an online map this week that shows all of the world’s current and proposed wind farms. I think I was trying to get a handle on how Australia stacked up against the rest of the world.. and WOW are we a long way behind.

global wind power

[this only marks each country with wind power – drill down to see each country map, which show a lot more detail]

This site is packed with statistics, graphs and interactive maps that can take you right into the detail, from the global map right down to individual installations, their capacity and often who the owner is – good stuff if you’re researching for renewables investments and shares.

This weekend’s challenge, should you choose to accept it, is simply to delve into this data and see where your country sits on the world chart. And perhaps more importantly which countries are investing the most in new installations? (there’s a function on the site to filter for ‘proposed projects’) For the Aussies you can also have a look at the Feds’ site which overlays all of Australia’s renewable power plants (wind, solar, hydro etc.)… interesting to see the balance of solar in the desert and wind on the coasts.

renewables map ozzie


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