Free Petrol Treasure Map

This isn’t the flagrant click-bait you might expect it to be. There really is a map showing where you can fill your car up for free. But like all things in life, nothing is actually ‘free’… to get the free 6-pack you need to buy the carton (or join the gym); to get the free steak knives you need to buy the exercise thingy that makes you slim without sweating.

To fill your car for free you just need to buy the right car.

Of course I’m talking about electric vehicles or ‘EVs’. Once you’ve invested, you can embark on your own version of Pokemon Go with finding free charging stations.

This map (courtesy of shows us EV recharge stations around the world, including Tesla’s Supercharge network which allows us to drive from Sydney to Melbourne on a couple of charges. Each tag on the map can be selected which will pop-up with the charging station’s details, e.g. address, how many charging ports, the type of charger, access details and whether or not there is a fee. map

The savvy EV drivers will no doubt work out the most convenient network of free charging stations, many of which – thanks to our equally-savvy retailers – are located in shopping centre car parks.

Just a word of caution: you’re going to start wondering if you can drive between certain locations based on the availability of charging stations… it’s fun but time consuming, so don’t jump into this map unless you have some free time : )

The Tesla EVs have ranges between 370km and 500+km, and with the early signs of some hotels and motels also installing charging points (go-on, you want to find them on the map don’t you?), I’m seeing an emerging landscape that will let us roam the country in our EVs without sweating about running out of juice.

And one of the most poetic ironies will be seeing existing petrol stations start adding EV super-charge points – they’d be mad not to! It will be a fascinating retail dynamic to watch as it evolves.

We can’t get to Uluru yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

Have fun with the map.


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